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Greek koulouri (simit)
Koulouri, is a snack that here in Greece, and especially in Northern Greece we taste them on a daily basis and not only during lenten periods. This recipe is very simple and the result is crunchy and soft at the same time.

what we need:    

1/2 kg all purpose flour                                                               
1/2 kg yellow flour
50 gr sourdough
15 gr yeast fresh (if we don't have sourdough, we use 20 gr yeast)
100 gr sugar
1 scant tbsp himalayan salt
100 gr sunflour oil
lukewarm water

how we do it

Put the flour into a big bowl and add salt. Open a small chuckhole. Then pour the oil and the sourdough.  Add the diluted with a little lukewarm water yeast. Put the sugar and stir all the ingredients while adding lukewarm water. When the dough is workable, let the yeast rest until it doubles in size. Cover the bowl with a cotton tablecloth.

Knead again and take small pieces  of the dough in order to give shape to thin laces.

 If the dough sticks in our hands, we oil it. We spray each lace with water and then we dip it into


Preheat the oven to 180°C

We place the lace in the tray with a baking paper and we unite the sides of each lace. We bake on 220 C  for 15 minutes, until they turn a light brown color.
Of course we can give any shape we wish.

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